The basic foundation that holds together the real estate industry is financing real estate projects and coordinating the process of property development from start to finish. With the GCC efforts to diversify their economies away from oil and gas, projects are in the pipeline representing as much as US$1 trillion in investment.

ABA REAL ESTATE is a boutique real estate development company based in UAE focusing on residential projects set to positively impact the local communities, from financial and lifestyle aspects, while supporting local economic growth for the surrounding areas.

Working closely with local authorities across Dubai, our team of real estate developers operate within the legal-regulatory framework of the jurisdiction of the project, decide on the institutional setup, define the interactions of the stakeholders and structure the delivery entity.


Real estate has long been a stronghold of local economies in the GCC, the property market represents 44 per cent of consumer price inflation (CPI) in Dubai alone. This interdependency of the property sector and financial markets makes it prudent to invest in projects that develop sustainable communities built with future generations in mind.

In support of a continued real estate growth and stability, SKY VIEW INVESTMENTS brings its expertise, financial capability and extensive relationships to accelerate the creation of mixed-use communities and help realise the full potential of urban areas catering to both tourists and residents. We offer our services to private sector clients requesting assistance with real estate design and development or investment in real estate within Dubai.

Our highly qualified personnel ranging from land use planners, architects, designers, community planners, engineers, real estate developers and lawyers work to derive maximum gain from our real estate investments, while anticipating, analysing and highlighting potential risks.