Being one of the UAE’s most trusted end-to-end service providers, our clients benefit from the most integrated collections network in the country. The handpicked team at ABA DEBT COLLECTING brings together industry experts with the legal know-how and innovative recovery solutions to help both creditors and debtors achieve the best outcomes across a wide range of debt related scenarios – both amicable and legal.

As part of our business ethos, we strive to smoothen the legal challenges faced by both individuals and corporate entities in such challenging situations. In addition, we offer workable solutions on ways to mitigate the impact of unpaid debts on their overall finances, ensuring liquidity and operational flexibility for clients.

Our extensive network of contacts within the various private and government industry associations allows an international cross-border reach and augments the search for debtors, surveying their assets, and a smooth recovery process while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality.


Aviation inventory planning is a unique process that presents significant challenges for optimising spare parts, quantities and locations across the world. Ensuring a ready-supply of critical MRO parts is fundamental for airlines, when managing the risk of delaying or grounding aircraft, which inevitably leads to surplus spares and high levels of obsolescence.

MARYCHLO are a DCA authorised civil aircraft parts supplier for new and after-market parts, as well as commercial aviation products for airlines and aircraft operators. Founded in 2012, we have fast grown into a leading industry supplier of rotable, repairable and consumable inventory primarily for Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft in the GCC region.

Agreements with major manufacturers worldwide and an integrated local supply chain ensures we have access to an immediate stock of APUs, chemicals and consumables, raw materials, ground support equipment and maintenance supplies. This enables us to fulfil the needs of our customers in the region by reducing their waiting time for required aviation components.