With over twenty years of dedication, our work stands as a testament to our commitment to integrity, clear communication, and bold innovation. Every project is an opportunity to enhance urban living and leave a lasting mark of excellence on the UAE’s skyline. Join us in this journey of creating enduring legacies.


Milestones Beyond the Horizons

Our path in the United Arab Emirates’ real estate industry is a rich narrative of growth, triumphs, and steadfast commitment. We cherish the milestones that have punctuated our two-decade-long journey, each one a chapter that speaks to our deep involvement in sculpting Dubai’s skyline and beyond.


These landmarks in our history are more than just dates; they are the embodiment of our passion, our innovative spirit, and our relentless pursuit of excellence. As we look back on the path we’ve traveled, we warmly invite you to join us in revisiting the defining moments that have forged our identity and continue to drive our vision forward.

First Milestone

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Second Milestone

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Our Commitment, Our Journey, Our Aspiration


At our core, Integrity, Communication, and Innovation aren’t just ideals—they’re the foundations of every structure we create.


We aim to be the architects of Dubai’s future, pioneering in innovation, community spirit, and leaving a legacy that echoes our steadfast values.


Our values are the blueprint for our actions; we’re here to redefine the skyline with landmark developments that don’t just stand tall but enrich lives and knit communities together, today and tomorrow.

insights from the Helm

A Word from Our Chairman & CEO

Ahmed Butti Almuhairi, Chairman, ABA GROUP

To Our Esteemed Community,

As I sit down to pen this message, I’m struck by a sense of deep gratitude and pride. It’s been an incredible journey, one filled with as many challenges as victories, where we’ve built not just structures but communities brimming with life and landscapes that capture the imagination.


Our promise to deliver excellence has never wavered, and neither has our commitment to the values that are the heartbeat of our company: integrity, communication, and innovation. These aren’t just words to us; they’re the principles that light our way as we navigate the exciting and ever-changing world of real estate.


To us, every building is a dream realized, a piece of the future, and a part of the legacy we’re honored to build. With every project, we aim to touch lives, to make a mark on the UAE’s skyline that we all hold dear.


As we look forward, our eyes are set on breaking new ground in design, sustainability, and practicality. We’re not just thinking about the now; we’re building for the forever, crafting spaces that will stand as landmarks of creativity and enduring quality.


I am profoundly thankful to our clients, partners, and the exceptional team that is the cornerstone of our company. Your trust and partnership are the lifeblood of our passion and the cornerstone of our achievements. Together, we will continue to sculpt the future of UAE and beyond.

Faisal Al Hamer, CEO, ABA GROUP

To Our Valued Community,

As the CEO of our dynamic real estate company, I am thrilled to connect with you. Our voyage through the ever-changing real estate seas has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by bold ventures and meaningful achievements that go far beyond the foundations we lay.


Our pursuit of excellence is relentless, fueled by a commitment to the values that define us: integrity, communication, and innovation. These principles are not just the pillars of our corporate culture; they are the navigational stars that guide us through the complex world of property development.


We see each of our projects as a canvas for innovation, a conduit for dreams, and a cornerstone of the future we are building. Every development is a chance to improve lives, to make a lasting contribution to the iconic Dubai skyline we all admire and respect.


Looking to the horizon, our dedication to expanding the boundaries of design, sustainability, and functionality is stronger than ever. We are building for a brighter tomorrow, ensuring that our projects stand as landmarks of progress and quality.


I am deeply grateful to our clients, partners, and the passionate team that is the driving force behind our company. Your trust and support are the engines of our passion and the keys to our continued success.